We, at Colorwise and More, like the idea of sustainable living. And custom closet systems manufacturer ORG Home takes this idea very seriously because being eco-friendly is one of the main goals for the company. This is one of the reasons we chose to partner up with ORG Home and why we are so proud of the custom closet solutions we offer. Please, read on to learn how they are made with future generations in mind and about the many ways the responsible company is making a difference.

Eco-Friendly Closet Solutions

The ORG Home closet elements are made of the manufactured panels that contain 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fibers. Those are the unused lumber particles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Building a system out of such panels as opposed to solid wood saves trees and reduces landfill use. The ORG Home’s panels are certified Environmentally Preferable Product. They are also certified as compliant with the California Air Resources Board Phase II indoor air quality standards which means the air in your home will be much healthier. Our standard closet system panels have very low emissions and the upgraded (“plus”) panels have no added urea-formaldehyde. That is very good news for everyone but especially for people with breathing sensitivities.


Sustainable Eco-Friendly Custom Closet Solutions We Are Proud Of 1

Our custom closet solutions use signature Forterra surfaces which are made from the recycled ingredients in a process that results in better durability and less material.

Many of our closet accessories are powder-coated. This low-impact manufacturing process is eco-friendlier than conventional alternatives.

The ORG Home closet elements are created to last so that the customers will not have to throw them away due to aging and if/when their needs change. The products are super sturdy and durable but they are also very reconfigurable and versatile. By adjusting the interior of the units and rearranging them in different combinations, they can be repurposed and serve for many-many years.

Responsible Company Practices

    Recycling is implemented throughout every aspect of the ORG Home operations:

  • Nearly 94% of the company’s total waste is recycled locally, including 100% of scrap wood, wood fibers from products and packaging, metal, copper wire, and cardboard waste.
  • Packaging cardboard has 25% to 35% recycled content.
  • All of the technology tools get recycled or refurbished for reuse.
  • ORG Home employees are invited to bring old batteries, magazines, and paper from home for recycling.
  • Special systems recycle the warm air from the company facilities and return it back as heat reducing the heating fuel consumption by about 50%.
  • A beautiful pond that is a part of the landscaping collects runoff water from the roads and a parking lot. This water is reused for irrigation.
  • Due to the efficient lighting programs, the energy use for lighting is reduced by about 80%.
  • The delivery trucks always run full. Both ways. This reduces the company’s costs, your price, fossil fuel consumption, and road congestion. This is so good for the air we breathe.

The company cares about their “family” and community health. There is a dust collection system that significantly purifies air in the plant. Special programs are in place to improve the financial and physical well-being of employees, as well as community and environmental health

Unconventional Benefits

Of course, being sustainable thru recycling and efficient use of resources and energy is a well-known way to make a difference. But there are other ways a closet system can positively impact people’s lives and ultimately result in benefits for our environment.

By using a good closet organization solution, you will need less space for your home. As a result, fewer materials and energy are required. Savings for you and for our planet.

When you do not know exactly what you have, it is much more likely you will make extra trips to a store wasting time, money, and fuel, and get items that are likely to go unused. Wasteful all around. By organizing your space, you can take inventory quickly. As a result, you buy only what you need and either repurpose the extra items or donate them.

A closet system increases the value of your home. Clean and organized homes are much more attractive to buyers. But, even more than that, the closet organization system is a feature many buyers are looking for these days.

Most importantly, of course, by organizing your home, you should get a better quality of life with less stress. But did you know that it can also result in significant time savings for you? National Association of Professional Organizers has conducted a survey. They concluded that more than half of respondents would save up to one hour a day if they were more organized. So, go ahead, save up some time for making a difference yourself, or to simply enjoy life.