Just what the title says! Seriously. This new unit for our custom closets is unbelievably great. Let us show you.

Even if you are not a shoe collector, chances are you still own quite a few pairs of shoes. If you count your significant other’s footwear, you get a very respectable number of pairs. However, footwear usually presents a challenge when it comes to housing it. Widely available solutions “do not quite get it” and some are actually awkward or bad. It is no wonder shoes are often present a messy pile, scattered around, or are stuck inboxes. Regardless, it is not easy to choose a pair and not good for their longevity.

That is why the Shoe Shrine® is so long-awaited and welcome. This amazing unit is spacious, universal, and beautiful.

Shoe Storage Solution Worthy of Your Holiday Wish List 1

The shelves of the organizer are fully adjustable and can be rearranged and moved to fit anything from flip flops to very tall boots. No tools required. All your footwear is visible and readily available. Super easy to choose and grab! Depending on your storage needs, you can start from a single tower and go all the way to the entire shoe wall. That means all of your footwear can be kept together in one place.

The organizer has a slim profile to maximize the room between the shelves. It is 14″ deep and integrates with all our other custom closet solutions.

And that is why this new shoe organization solution is something to be wishing for. So, go ahead, put it on your wish list this holiday season. Or just contact us yourself.