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No job is too big or too small. Interior painters at Colorwise and More have years of experience and are happy to work with both residential and commercial customers.

We welcome both large and small projects (even as small as repairing a hole or drywall). The interior painting services that we offer:

Custom Interior and Exterior Painting

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Wood Trim Staining, Furniture Staining, etc.

The majority of our house painting projects are occupied homes. Being very considerate, our interior painters isolate the work area to minimize the dust and disruption to your home. Colorwise & More has developed communication systems to ensure a smooth-functioning process. We work from checklists to review expectations, protect your valuable property, and minimize inconvenience and disruption of your normal life.

Before the painters arrive, Colorwise & More will send you a “what-to-expect” letter. This letter covers considerations such as pets, alarm systems, and access. It reminds our clients to move fragile items, and includes key considerations, such as which bathroom painters should use.

Please read more about our process. Be sure to check out some testimonials from our past clients. We employ professionals who have been with us for years. We have an exceptionally low attrition rate — due to our commitment to continuing education.

Color Consultation

Colorwise & More offers interior painting clients a free color consultation with a professional paint and color consultant. This is a great benefit to our clients. Many people want professional assistance in determining colors for custom painting and decorative painting – but interior designers can be expensive. However, if you’re already working with a color consultant – or if you’re comfortable with your own paint color choices – we’re happy to work in this fashion, too.

exterior painters

Professional, exterior painters at Colorwise and More can successfully tackle both residential and commercials projects.

We work with all types of exterior surfaces:
Did you know you can paint old aluminum siding? This is a much less expensive option than replacement.

In preparation for exterior painting, we pressure wash your home and clean all kinds of siding.

There are many different exterior substrates in residential and commercial buildings; concrete, block, brick, siding of a variety of materials and logs. Each of these requires different types of coating materials for protection, preservation and beauty. The expertise in selecting and applying these paints, stains, sealers and coatings should be left in the hands of professional exterior painters at Colorwise & More. We know what materials are best and how to apply them because that is what we do every day.

Masonry surfaces; concrete, block, stucco and brick require a product that will not only coat and seal the surface, but will expand and contract with that surface as well. Elastomeric coatings will handle this expansion-contraction without cracking and compromising the protection.

Different types of siding require different preparation and materials. Aluminum siding can be cleaned of chalking, pressure-washed, primed and recoated producing many more years of life. Wood siding should be scraped, sanded, primed and painted. It too, will last many years when properly cared for. Even vinyl siding may be painted to change the color and add to the beauty of a house. Log homes should be sanded and sealed every five years for long life. Choosing the right coatings for these applications is important and may be the difference between a paint job that lasts for a handful of years, to one that lasts for a decade or more.

Colorwise & More staff consultants are available to assist with all stages of the project planning; budgeting, material and color selection. We are happy to work with your professional designer, or directly with you. We are a successful company because of our happy clients, many of whom refer their friends and family when they need painting well done.

Ensure Color Retention

Exterior painters at Colorwise & More use the highest-quality materials from top manufacturers to ensure excellent color retention, scrubbability, and mildew resistance, which is especially important for the beach front houses. They can handle difficult-to-reach areas and are equipped to tackle every part of exterior painting projects. For example, if your home is more than two-stories high, special equipment may be required. Colorwise & More also handles minor carpentry repairs and rot replacement. We serve towns of Rehoboth, Dewey, Lewes, Bethany, and other Southern Delaware areas.

painting process

Any type of home improvement can be a nerve racking and life interrupting experience. Professional painters at Colorwise & More will strive to make this as non-obtrusive to your life as possible.

A lead painter is assigned to your project as your on-site coordinator. Communication is critical to any successful painting project. This is achieved due to the work orders that are processed to the painters, resembling the identical proposal, with the exception of the agreed prices. The work order is complete with pictures of the room and all of the items discussed, including type of paint to be used.

Our uniformed crew arrives on time. All of your furniture and fixtures are moved to the center of the room. We cover all areas including all furniture, fixtures, and floors. We seal off the chosen area, from floor to ceiling, with dust barrier systems to minimize the dust factor.

Our professional painters work in several of the sealed areas at a time until the entire project is completed. This includes prep work such as cleaning, leveling surfaces, and sanding as needed.
We cover all nail holes, unless otherwise instructed. We prime all uncoated areas, followed by 1-2 coats of the chosen paint.

Once a day, the estimator will inspect the project on-site. Our customer service line is available Monday – Saturday (9am – 5pm) to answer any concerns. After the project is completed, all furniture and fixtures are moved back to their original position. A full walk-through with the client and estimator will ensure complete satisfaction.

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When choosing the right painting contractor, consider the following: